Compassion Projects to Give Hope

Who We are & What We Do

We are a team of Christians from various local churches, reaching out to men and women in the greater Sacramento area of California, bringing the love of Jesus Christ to those who are Poor, Elderly, Widowed, or Disabled. We provide encouragement, through various outreach projects and support. It may be as simple as clearing some rain gutter or fixing a leaky toilet.



Thanksgiving Compassion Project



Projects 4HOPE is currently collecting funds for our 2014 Thanksgiving Compassion Project. The funds will be used to assist a local family recently diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer. Nancy who works at a local hardware store was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. We are raising  funds to help support Nancy and her disabled husband Tim.

If you would like to donate to our Thanksgiving Compassion Project, your donation will be tax deductible, and help a local family in need.  Donations can be mailed to:

Projects 4HOPE
Assist Local Foundation
PO BOX 6630
Folsom, CA 95763